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1Hour Break® version 2.0 is now remastered to be the world's most premium and fastest acting stress and anxiety relief spray. We combine the highest quality herbs with the latest cutting edge NSF-GMP extraction methods to be 5x more effective, taste delicious and it now produces a pleasurable numbing sensation under your tongue

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How To Use:
  1. Spray five quick bursts of 1Hour Break® beneath your tongue.
  2. Allow your capillaries to absorb the natural remedy (10-15 seconds).
  3. Swallow and give the dosage five minutes to reach full strength—Repeat if needed.
What You'll Feel:

Acute tingling, mild numbness and soothing calm in quick succession. The area beneath your tongue is hypersensitive but it’s the fastest route to relief.

Recommended Dosage:

Your stress & anxiety needs are unique and your dosage will be too. As a general guideline:

  • Mild Relief: 5 sprays
  • Moderate Relief: 10 sprays
  • Extra-Strength Relief: 15 sprays

All Natural, Fast-Acting, Non-Addictive, Non-Drowsy, Adjustable Dosage, No Harsh Side Effects

Product Details:

Product Size: 15ml (80 Sprays)

Serving Size: 1mL (5 sprays) contains 475mg of Active Ingredients

Servings Per Bottle: 15

Active Ingredients:

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